When you register to pay tax and National Insurance (NI) in the UK, His Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) issues a Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR).

This enables you (and HMRC) to quickly identify your tax and NI records, ensuring you can make payments and remain compliant.

Your UTR can be used in conjunction with a Government Gateway account, enabling you to manage your tax affairs online. This makes for more efficient personal tax and financial planning.

If you’re wondering what is your personal tax ID number or how to find your personal tax ID number then it’s usually very simple.

What is a personal tax ID number?

In the UK, individuals are assigned a personal tax ID number known as the Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR).

Along with an individual’s National Insurance (NI) number, the UTR is an essential component of the tax system, providing a consistent means of identification throughout an individual’s adult life.

The UTR is essential for managing tax affairs, supporting an accurate reporting of income, and ensuring liabilities are paid.

It’s a 10-digit alphanumeric code, used to identify taxpayers and to track their tax-related activities, including filing Self-Assessment tax returns, paying taxes, and communicating with HMRC.

How to find your personal tax ID number

If you’re wondering how to find UTR number in personal tax account online or in correspondence, the process is simple. 

First, check any official letters or other printed documentation you’ve received from HMRC. These will usually display your UTR prominently at the top, making it readily accessible for reference.

If you’ve registered for an online Government Gateway account with HMRC, your UTR will be displayed within your account settings or in your profile information.

When you log into your account to find your relevant tax and pension details you should be able to find your UTR.

If you are still struggling to locate your UTR or are confused about what is your personal tax ID number, then you can contact HMRC via phone or online channels, such as webchat or email.

Its advisors will be able to assist you in retrieving your UTR.

Be aware that you may be required to provide identifying information to verify your identity before HMRC discloses your UTR.

When you find your UTR, write it down and keep it in a safe place as it is essential for effectively managing your tax affairs.

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